The Body in Christian Faith

ChristA related theme for ongoing study and group reflection is the subject of The Body In Christian Faith, which is concerned with how the loss of connection with the human body can be recovered in Christian spirituality. This is in response to the irony that the centrality of the human body has been lost in Christian faith even though it is Christianity alone which professes that God became fully incarnate in the human person of Jesus Christ. There is a new alienation of the self from the flesh. It is imperative that we recognise that the self exists only as embodied and that the human, incarnate body is essential in the way to God.

The relationship with our human nature

Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His. (Psalm 100:3)

The second ideal of Integritas is to respect human nature as the image and likeness of God.

Our relationship with our own human nature determines whether we can acknowledge and accept the love of God for us. We are embodied, out of love, in the image and likeness of God. (cf. Gn1:26-27) We need a deeper and better understanding of Christian anthropology, of the true nature of the human person as man and woman, which contradicts various false assertions denying that we are embodied and claiming that we create ourselves. Created by God, in love, as man and woman, our worth is a given and does not have to be earned.

Amoris – The Integrity of MarriageAmoris

An essential purpose of Integritas is to articulate the true meaning of marriage, while also deepening a sense of love and care of those who have chosen its path and found themselves in difficult relationships and situations. Amoris is the name of an ongoing study group that meets at Integritas on an intermittent basis to reflect upon these mutually supportive objectives. Its purpose is firstly to give a clear and coherent presentation of marriage as rooted in the dignity of human difference between man and woman, for in the lifelong encounter with someone of the opposite sex, the wholeness of human nature is revealed. In parallel with this, this group reflects upon how better to convey a message of uncompromising love for couples who have chosen marriage and found themselves in pain and conflict thereafter. The love of God needs to be constantly revealed to those married couples in difficult situations for the embrace of His love cannot be restricted and eases the pain of every human conflict. Couples in difficult circumstances are not a problem to be solved but people to be loved.

Human Ecology and Rights

A related theme for ongoing study and group reflection at this centre is the subject of Human Ecology and Rights. Being created by God, as man and woman, in His own image and likeness, is the basis of human dignity, which, in turn, leads to true and just claims for human rights. The human person has a nature which must be respected and cannot be manipulated at will by making false claims to rights which are contradicted by the embodied dignity of the human person. Human rights are intended to protect and justly order the inalienable dignity in human difference and not become political instruments to impose a secularist uniformity.