Welcome to Integritas

The awakening of Christian faith in education

On an ongoing basis, a group of concerned parents, educators and lawyers meet here to explore how Christian faith in primary and secondary education can be protected and enhanced as we go through this unprecedented period of secularisation. This group is concerned, in particular, with the breakdown of communicating the experience of Christian faith in primary and secondary schools.

It is currently researching the secularist underpinning of the Junior Certificate Programme in religious education and the potential of a different Christian faith-based curriculum.

Furthermore, this group is researching specific areas where governmental policy is extending beyond the legitimate objective of pluralism in education and is actively undermining faith-based education. In response to this, legal rights and remedies are being researched for broader circulation as an aid to withstand this wave of secularisation which is moving to erase Christian identity from Irish education.

If you wish to join this group and be part of its day symposiums and ongoing research projects, which are not publically advertised, please contact Linda Rainsberry at this centre.