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Body Mind Meditation

This website is maintained by Louis Hughes O.P., a Dominican priest, who is based at Newbridge College, County Kildare. Throughout his life as a member of the Dominican Order, he has concentrated upon how we have lost a true appreciation of the body and its importance and place in the spiritual life of Christian faith. At this website, he explores how we can regain our sense of the body as an essential element of the Christian spiritual life. This is particularly important as Christianity is the one faith which is based upon the truth that God became fully incarnate and present to us in the body of the human person, Jesus Christ. Louis has also been teaching at Integritas since 2001 and has been a central person in the development of this centre.

Today's Good News

Donagh O’Shea O.P. is a Dominican priest and the director of Dominican Retreat and Pastoral Centre at Tallaght, County Dublin. He maintains this website on behalf of the Dominican Order. It contains many features of Dominican spirituality but is especially valuable because of the ongoing dialogue that is contained in it where Donagh answers different spiritual questions which are raised. Donagh has been instrumental in the development of Integritas over many years and provides ongoing guidance and support. He also regularly conducts retreat days at this centre which draw upon his extensive experience in the interior life of Christian faith and its relationship to the contemplative spiritual practices of other traditions and contemporary movements.

Follow your Dream

This website is the personal work of Peter Hannan S.J., who is a Jesuit priest based at Manresa House, the Jesuit Centre of Spirituality at Clontarf, Dublin.  It is filled with profound reflections upon the beauty, truth and goodness of human life and in turn opens us to how we can experience the infinite depth of God’s love in all things and in all relationships. Particular emphasis is placed in this website upon the power of cinema to convey our universal, cultural experience of divine love. The website also explains the books which Peter has written drawing upon his vast experience in guiding people in the Christian spiritual life and especially in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Peter guides the progress of the evenings of Christian meditation and contemplative prayer at Integritas on Wednesday evenings and gives evening courses here on an ongoing basis.