Welcome to Integritas

The Meaning of Integritas

The name Integritas (latin for integrity) is chosen to describe the vision upon which this initiative is based, that all may be made one through Jesus Christ (Jn 17 : 21). This is the catholic aspiration of Christianity, to serve the love of Jesus Christ being spread through everything (cathola) and drawing all of creation into a new order and ultimately into right relationship with God.

Integritas is particularly concerned with this aspiration being made visible in the re-integration of the Roman Catholic, Reformed and Orthodox traditions of Christianity in the catholicity of the mission of Jesus Christ, the creative and salvific project of God that reaches out to each one of us and to all that is. In this way, Integritas seeks to follow :

“… in the vision of God’s catholicity, to be attentive to the Spirit which moves where
      it will, which is the Spirit of that hospitable God, who, as manifest in Jesus Christ,
      did not intend to exclude and divide but to include and reconcile. Our new
      catholicity, without denying what we see as truth in a particular situation, will
      be that kind of hospitable community that is more interested in learning from
      the other, in loving the other, in being reconciled with the other, over a longer
      period, which can sometimes occur much more effectively through a lay

Fr. Enda McDonagh,
Inaugural Integritas lecture,
April 9th, 2005.