quotes FIOSFAITH IN OUR SCHOOLS [FIOS] is a research and advocacy group promoting the Christian vision of education as encapsulated in both the Roman Catholic and Reformed traditions. It cherishes the vital contribution that Christian schools make to the common good in a pluralist society.

Faith in Our Schools upholds and promotes the primary right and responsibility of parents in regard to the education of their children It holds that the State has an obligation to make provision for the funding of schools under forms of patronage that accord with parents’ wishes. This contributes to the ideal of building a pluralist society for the twenty-first century.

A school can never be neutral in terms of beliefs and values. Thus, the assumption that a school that is in receipt of state funding can or should be neutral is incorrect. In fact, the view that a school can be neutral is itself a particular value-laden viewpoint.

Christian education is about enabling all persons to realise their full potential, personally and academically. A Christian school resists attempts to reduce education solely to the service of the labour market.

Christian schools are called to be places that cultivate a sense of the sacred in all who frequent them. We believe that both time and space need to be made available for cultivating the sacred through provision for worship and attentiveness to the architecture and aesthetics of the school.

Justice, compassion and inclusivity characterise a Christian school with a preferential concern for the poor and the disadvantaged. A school which is rooted in its Christian identity welcomes pupils of other faiths and of none. It does so precisely because it is a Christian school and not in spite of this.

Christian education recognises an inseparable bond between care for the environment, that is the ecology of nature, and how we understand human sexuality and the family, that is human ecology.

Religious and moral development are at the heart of education where Christians are concerned. They are not simply add-ons to an otherwise secular curriculum.

Christian education proposes a vision for life founded upon the relationship with God and commitment to the common good. Ultimately, this must permeate every aspect of the life of a Christian school.